About Us

Who is behind Houses for Living and why?
After spending roughly a year hunting for a house and having his eyes opened to the insane lack of affordable housing in Victoria, Nathan Lambert (co-founder of Liftoff / Defined) made a rant on r/VictoriaBC subreddit that blew up and a few reporters reached out to him. It spawned a lot of great connections that led him to chat with Leo Spalteholz (operator of House Hunt Victoria) about starting a website to help fix the housing affordability crisis.

Since then our group has grown greatly. We are a mix of homeowners and renters, including policy analysts, mapping/zoning specialists, developers and more. We are all community volunteers that are passionate about making Victoria more affordable for primary homeowners and renters.

We welcome all contributions, including developers and politicians. However, we are an entirely volunteer-driven group and do not accept funding from any political or industry group.

We want to transparently show which policies councillors support/don’t support so that people can pressure them to support policies that are the most impactful. Every councillor pays lip service to affordability, but we want to show which of them are actually attempting to make it more affordable through bold action rather than maintaining the status quo, which in turn will only worsen affordability.

Our efforts run parallel to the changes we’d like to see at a federal level (shout to r/canadahousing for that). We decided that there was a need for a group that had a local focus since we believe that it's a different set of problems that deserves its own approach.

If you would like to know more about us, join our Discord chat or email us.

Passionate about affordable housing?

Come join the conversation on the Homes for Living Discord. We are a group of community volunteers that are taking action to make Victoria a better place to live for primary homeowners and renters.